Yoram Chertok


D&C is localization aggregator, specializing in television and New Media localization.
 D&C has developed the "Santa's Little Helper" program, aimed to assist TV platforms, distributors as well as LSPs:

This is our "Santa's Little Helper" offer, which won't even cost you money… We're here to help you with your localization efforts, I'm sure it will make your life much easier… Need to localize content into a language you don't usually provide? We'll do it for you either as a full package or – if you prefer – we'll provide the parts of the project you're missing.
Need broadcast-quality AI solutions to reduce costs? We know how to do it.
No original script to work with? We'll transcribe the video for you. Also, we'll translate, proofread, and adapt for dubbing or spot it for subs. We'll provide AD, CC, song translation and adaptation, song recordings, and generally everything to make your project run smoothly.

Yoram Chertok – CEO
With over 30 years of media experience, managing big localization companies and dubbing studios, playing a significant part in the evolving AI (professional) dubbing industry, and producing thousands of hours of localized content, Yoram is one of the world's leading professionals.